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Who Are You Making Videos For?

By June 13, 2019No Comments

Before you start planning your video, think about your audience first and what you want them to take away.

Think about your audience when creating videos. Video content isn’t about the company or the person creating the video – it’s really about the audience.  Whenever you create video content, we must think about who is going to be viewing the video.  Not only their age, location, gender, etc., but also consider what your audience cares about and what they hope to get out of the video.  When you fail to realize who your audience is, you are also failing to realize what they care about.

In our consumer society, people expect something for themselves out of everything and, your audience in the video is no different.  Watching a video is an investment where they invest time and they expect something in return.  When your audience feels as if they’re not getting anything in return, that’s when they turn it off.

Whether it’s a laugh, a story, or information about a product or service, the audience wants something. If you’re not giving your audience what they want, they’ll invest their time elsewhere. So always think about your audience when creating videos, and they’ll find your video beneficial.

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